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Princess Kaurvaki originaly published in 2010. We have through a lot of modification and improvement to make us a better version from time to time. In the beginning, we was a small blog by free hosting. We see our reader showing their love, so we decided to develop this site and we always hope to make an improvement from time to time. From today and on, you will enjoy our work and we promise to give you better and better experience of reading interesting post.


Why Use Princess Kaurvaki?

When other sites decide to focus as only quotation sites, we try to combine it with poetry, story and self-improvement sites. We want to give the best experience for our reader. Yes, we know we need to improve this site with more activities, which we hope will be done as soon as possible. In the future, this site will have more complete quotes and quotation topics to entertain you and provide you better information. We also share our favorite story and poetry, which most of them are borrowing our personal life scene. You can feel how it’s so real.


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Princess Kaurvaki is for everyone. We attract student, educators, social-networkers, journalist, media professionals, writers, blogger, quote-lovers and many more. We welcome everyone to enjoy our sites.


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Princess Kaurvaki is free service. In near later we will supported by ad revenue generate from ads appearing on our site. We’ll make sure to opt family-friendly ads, so it’s really safe for our audience.


We Love Poetry and Story

Poetry is beautiful. We love to share our personal poetry to enrich you and entertain you. Wanting more? Enjoy our short story for free. Not much actually, but you will love it!



Beautiful Quotes Pictures and Quotes Series in Story

We want to give you something more. Quotes always look best with amazing picture. That’s why, we’ll give you without you even asking it. More for you, we love quotes with special power. For that, we’ll create story for any of our favorite quotes.


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