I feel like you touch me everytime your eyes play its role,
I know you don’t even look at me,
You may not realize you ever met me,
but things gonna excite me more and more,
I feel like so tempting to make a first move,
I’m gonna wait for the right moment,
it’s gonna be sure as I can reassure


 I’ve waited for man like you,
make me desire like never before,
You’re just drop dead georgeous like nobody before,
Your every move means something for me,
It’s like you gonna stare at me deeply and say something,
but it seems to me gotta make the first move,
since you’re teasing me in very seamlessly unique way

the first move, love, don't chase, second chance, rose

But it’s not me who wants you,
it’s something on the inside of me,
It’s like somebody just said,
“Hey, look at that guy with those beautiful hazel eyes. He was made for you, girl!”


 People say don’t chase the guy,
But you never know whether there’s second chance or not,
So I put off my high heels and run into you,
to make it all up to you and set me free,
forget the world whilst going crazy for a moment,
I wouldn’t waste the chance for someone like you