How do you live your life without a motivation? Yes you still can do your work and walk like a normal person, but you realize there was something wrong with you and you just can’t get enough. You may feel like a robot doing the endless routine that bore you. You want to take a break, but you remember you have just had it two days ago. It seems do not really work actually and lead you to more frustrated feeling.

Oh well, sometimes things don’t go as our expectation. Sometimes routine traps you into boring situation that you don’t want to wake up doing the same thing everyday. We have had this phase to couple of time. There is a way out! Yes, it’s true.

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People always find a way to motivate themselves in simple ways. They can create strategy to lift their mood and release themselves from stuck mind in the middle of routine. When it works for them, we sure it works for you too!
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22 Easy Habits to Boost Your Motivation

1.     Just Do It and Motivation will Catch You Up

When you feel like you have no motivation, it’s actually you send command to your brain that there’s no spirit anymore. It’s that the motivation is nowhere, it’s you who don’t set it to appear. In fact, you don’t have t wait for motivatoin to get started. You just have to do it without waiting to be motivated. It sounds funny how after you work on it, suddenly the motivatoin is appear and it embraces you!

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”

~ Jack London


2.     Start from The Smallest Thing

When big things lead you to procrastination, start it with small thing. Sometimes ‘the big’ thing gives you burden and you find it hard to start it. Another solution, you can tweak your job into couple of parts so it looks easier to get over it.

3.     Your Friend Will Watch Over You

Ask your friend to do regular check up on you and your progress and it will multiple your motivation to do your project. Sometimes friend could be the best motivator and for sure, it will a lot of fun.

  1. Motivation from People in Your Life

Spend time with positive people will make you look at the brighter side more often. It will increase your enthusiasm and you will get positive energi from cool people.
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  1. Motivation from The Stranger

Facebook is full of positive people, when you try to connect yourself with the right people. I have meet so many great friend who share their motivational story or sharing quotes and educational post to boost my motivation and awareness. You could also get ton of motivation from the book, podcast or motivational blog around internet.

  1. Turn On Your Favorite Music

Music is one of the best remedy to give you energy. Listen to your favorite music will give you inspiration and make you feeling so relieve.

  1. Always Be Kind to Your Self in a Bad Time

We all experience fall and stumble. When you fall, stop looking for mistake or blame yourself. Instead, be kind to yourself that everything is possible to happen, that it will not hurt you and you will just get better after that.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

~ Charles R. Swindoll


  1. You are Your Only Competitor

To see whether you’ve made a great progress, instead of comparing your achievement with your friend, only compare yourself to yourself and see how far you have come.
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  1. Gift is Pleasure

Always make a small game for yourself, like you will provide your favorite to be gift each time you’ve made new achievement or fulfill your goal.

  1. Remember Your Motive

You have reason why you are working on this. When you lose your motive of doing things, you will easily lose sight and feel unmotivated. Take a break and remember at least your top three reason why you are working toward this. When you find out the strong reason, it will increase your energy and you will feel more enthusiastic again.

  1. Be Grateful for What You’ve Got

When you fill yourself with positivy, motivation will take place. You can start watching your life from the bright side. Look what you already have and be grateful will make your life in balance and motivated.

  1. Redesign Your Workspace

Takes time to clean up your workspace. You may not realize that sometimes messy workplace could ruin you from giving your best. Declutter your workspace and redesign in on your favor.
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  1. Taking Break

Too much work not only stuck you in boredom routine, but kill your motivation. Instead of working non-stop, try to have minutes of break after your one hour activity. You can use it to do stretching or breathe the fresh air. It’s really relaxing.

  1. Adjust Your Goal Size

It’s great to set big goal. Though, sometimes it gets you overwhelme and create procrastination instead. When big goal couldn’t make you stay focus, it would be better to adjust your goal into smaller one. It will really affect your energy and motivation.
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  1. Exercise

Never think exercise will waste your time. Exercise is not only healthy, but also has important role to multiple your energy for better focus and working. Numerous research has associated exercise with motivation. You may have 15-30 minutes of light exercise before doing work and let’s see how you feel so good and comfortable in your activity.

  1. Take Time to Look Back at Your Success

It’s always feel good to come back watching you celebrated the success. That memories feel sweet and reenergize you. It’s like a positive affirmation to lift your mood and faith of upcoming success.

  1. Do Research Before You Get Started

Doing research will always give you an extra. First, it makes you a better preparation and second, it makes you become more careful with pitfalls and the repetitive mistake.
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  1. Meditation Break

Have you given try to meditation break? Well, try to take two minutes meditation break and you will love how it works best on you. Meditation has various health benefits and spiritualsm. When you feel so tired and unmotivated, meditation will load you with energy and peace. It wil help you to balance your mind and soul, and to release your inner tensions.


  1. Daily Positive Affirmation

Really, positive affirmation could not go wrong. Those who practice daily positive affirmation will have multiple energy to do their work and to embrace their dream. Positive affirmation is like a magic that send wonderful commands to brain to give you faith and confidence.

“Don’t be afraid to take a big step. You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps”

~ David Lloyd George


  1. Enjoy The Nature

There are so many things in life that give you stuck feeling and more boredom. When you are in this level, all you need is nature. Try to enjoy short vacation where you can breathe the fresh air, walking on the woords or sea sand. It never sounds superficial, but it will give you more than enough.