She comes again,

Her shadow haunts me again,

I feel like watching her everywhere,


over and over again,


I can touch her,

I can feel her onto me in dream,

I smell her like the blossom rose,

She smile innocently like there nobody else before,


When I am asleep on my bench with thick book in my arm,

She awakes me up,

She told me to move to bed silencely,

When I completely awake, her voice and smell just disappear,

Oh, I’m realize.. I’m so obsessed


couple, pair, romance, twillight



When I turn my head she arises,

Whenever I don’t need, she comes,

When I’m in need and call her, I only hear the whisper,

Oh, She is just killing,

She bring the madness

I can’t get over it

I try to stop myself, she keeps coming

I try to stop her, she said no

She leaves me like it’s funny!

and sets me in crazy


I clearly remember her face,

She is like a white angel,

I believe God sends her,

just to tease me from the loneliness,

to fill me from my emptiness

but I really wish she is real,

for her taught me how to feel