Princess Kaurvaki always love to share you inspiration to encourage and boost your self confidence. We never think it’s enough, so we decide to never stop. Having self confidence is very important because it’s your first command to start everything at your best.


It’s very easy to hear people say this for you, “Chill bro, just be confident!”. Sometimes it just sounds like he trying to imidate you while actually not. You may feel inferior too after that. I know it’s not good for you. Thus, you may need something simple to start building your confidence. This time, I promise, it will help you a lot.



  1. Take Action and Make Your Show Time

Thomas A Bennett said, “Having once decided to achieve a certain task, achieve it at all costs of tedium and distaste. The gain in self-confidence of having accomplished a tiresome labor is immense.”


Forget everything else for a while. It’s your show time. Ignore what people are going to say. All you have to do is just focus. You are the center and there’s nobod else right now to interupt your time. If it doesn’t seem so easy still, make this consecutive step : Be Present, Lighten Up ( Don’t take it seriously, you know you just have to do it. Leave all things make you thinking seriously or frightening you ) and Really Want It ( You may need to force yourself ).


  1. Embrace Your Fear

To gain your strength, now embrace your fear. Realizing it’s just part of you need an approachment. In your deepest heart, you may feel that sometimes fear is your familiar friend. It always gets close to you often. Though sometimes you will let your friend go for the good. And it will be the perfect moment to let it go. Do some affirmation to help you release your fear. You may love to read more positive quotes from your favorite author and write them down. Read the positive affirmation everyday in front of your mirror. Do this at least one month or more. Day bay day, the more you read the affirmation, the positive energy will come into your soul. Your friend called fear will slowly leave looking for another place. It’s time for you to dare adventure.

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  1. Talk to Your Self with Better Understanding

You’re the one how much ups and down you experience in life. You’re the one who knows how much you sacrifice, how lonely you are and how everything sometimes not supportive to you. You know what you need is a better understanding and acceptance. Acceptance is not easy as sometimes you compare yourself to another or you want to be like someone else. That was bad, so bad.


Now you can get another ‘me time’. This time, you won’t use it to blame yourself or regret stupid decision you created long time ago. This time, you will talk to yourself to forgive what was happen in the past. You’ll involved in self commitment that you will understand yourself better and you will accept yourself for whatever reason. Now you’ll be more contented and have more smile in your bright day.


  1. Always Prepare

You’ll getting closer with destination. You will feel it’s dramatically change from low self to higher self. Thus you need preparation. This preparation is not only about you, but about the situation in near later. People may watching this as something offensive or unusual or even weird. However, the newer version of you would not really affected.


To make it alright, you can educate yourself by rehearsing and rewriting speech to face any kind of possibility. It’s not so serious thing actually. You can do it in your whatever nice ways which make you feeling comfortable. This visualiation is one of good way to make you feel calmer and enjoy.


  1. You May Make Mistake

Always remember that having self confidence doesn’t make you perfect. You’ll make mistake like yesterday because you’re human. You come to perceive new horizon that you’re no longer afraid of doing wrong. As long as you don’t hurt somebody else or damage other, you’re on the correct way.


In fact, each time you make mistake, you’ve learned new lesson to improve your experience. Making mistake sounds bad, but actually it’s good sign that you have done work.

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  1. Know What You Want

What do want to have in life? I know this question is pretty simple. Obviosly, it’s something you really have to know in life. To build self confidence and find yourself, you must know what you want. Do an exploration by doing these five tips above in consecutive steps. The more exploration you do, you’ll more familiar with your soul and you’ll find new things that actually you want to know since long time ago. After that, setting new goal and accomplish your mission will make you realize how wonderful the power you have.