For sure, Princess Kaurvaki love to share you good post to encourage your spirit and soul. We love to share motivation post because we love to see our reader grow finding themselves in positive way. Hence, we’ll like to boost your motivation in excellence way. This tips is timeless and it’ll become your favorite soon enough.


  1. Deal and Commitment

Only you who can make a deal with yourself. Only you who can stop your procrastination and promise to stop compare yourself with others. Now, you can decide to make a small deal or the bigger one. It’s like a ‘do and award’ game. You will tell yourself to achieve one goal and treat yourself later. What about having small trip to beach after you finish exam job?


  1. You Will Like What You Do

If you don’t like it, at least you have to act as you like it. To make things done, you have to feel motivated and enthusiastic. Having this will improve some things.


  1. Morning Affirmation

Morning affirmation is good to reset your mind into positive way. You may ask uplifting question to yourself every morning that empowering yourself. Remember all things you want to achieve and learn how to appreciate all things you have already. Feel contented with your affirmation and make sure it improves your point of view and add your understanding in self acceptance.


  1. Reset Your Goal

Sometimes you have too much goal that you find it hard to put your focus. Of course you an set large goal, though you need to be more specific on your goal. It will make you easire to put your focus and pull your energy on it. Bigger goal always motivates you better than small goal. It has big effect and create a lot of motivation. However, the most important is to have your energy in it.

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  1. Start It, Do something small and create the flow

Something may leave behind. You could ignore small thing because for you it’s not important task. Actually that small thing has affect your mood and your willing to act better. For example, you may have messy desk you need to clean up or your credit card billing is on the waiting. Handle them better and you will have better management in your achievement.


  1. The Toughest Go First

It’s actually depend on your favor. Though, doing the toughest will make the following days feel easier. It will uplift your mood to finish the next task.


  1. Start slow

Yes, you no need to be hurry! Start it slow will make your mind relax and feel no burden. People will easily start when see their plan in slower motion. It will be lighter.


  1. Compare Yourself only With Yourself

You’re in competition with no one. Comparing yourself with other will really kill your motivation. Somebody may always ahead of you and few of thems are even miles ahead. Put your focus only on yourself and believe, the beter result will come when you change this.


  1. Remember your successes

You can write down your success to remotivate yourself. You have failures of course, but you will know that it’s just little rock to achieve another success.


  1. Remember Your Favorite Hero

In each of us, there’s the hero that always inspires us, becomes the role models and motivates us. Watch them and listen to them. Find special things on them and how they discover their power. You may find they actually are just like us. They have flaws. Hence, it will inspire more to always believe ourself.


  1. Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Bring fun in each of your task. It will make you stay motivated to do yours.


  1. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

This rule is timeless. Embrace the challenges will multiple your motivation. For some people it looks so scary at first. But really, giving a try makes things feel good ahead.

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  1. Failure Won’t Scare You

Remember Thomas Alva Edishon failed 1000 times before invented bulb. Or the story of Albert Einstein? Hence, you have to remember that everyone has failure story. The most important thing : they never stop!

  1. Do Research

Research increases awareness in things you do. You’ll have your expecatation on right portion and you’ll know what difficulties you face at the front. It will protect your from furher disappointment when things doesn’t go alright. Also, research makes more mature plan.


  1. Figure Out Why You are Doing Something

You will find out that you’re doing good stuff and it will be usefull for you and people around you. At least, there’s good reason why you do this and that.


  1. Write Down Your Goals and Reasons Behind Them

Make a sticky note you can easily see everyday. It could be on your wall, mirror or computer. Read your goal often will increase your motivation to achieve your goals.


  1. Positive Challenge

Really, you need to have more positive thought everyday. You can fill yourself with wisdom and quotes from famous people or having meditation and yoga. Let go of negative thought because they are toxic that hold you from having chance to be a better person.


  1. Don’t Waste Your Time Too Much on TV or Social Media

Trust me, they waste your time for more productive day. You can actually compare what you can do with or without too much TV, facebook and twitter. So much to do, right?

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  1. Break it Down

Find it hard to accentuate your project? The best thing to do is to break them down into small steps. You will rearrange them and start to do it on order. You may start it from the toughest to the easiest or vice versa.

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  1. Reprogram your Information Intake

Sometimes you don’t realize negative thought come into your mind and affect your subliminal. You may got it from the media, society or people. They are not always true but sometimes people just take it without consideration. Now be selective information you get and make sure they keep you positive.


  1. Be More Creative

You have so many ideas float anywhere in your mind. You never organize them so you may not realize how many of them will help you much when you use them. Now, take out a piece of paper. Brainstorming your ideas until you have written down 20 or more ideas in your topic you want. After you collect them, try to summarize them into 10 or 7. Make sure all on your summary list are good enough  to make your idea develop. Then, work on them!


  1. Find Out What Makes You Happy

Make sure what you do will make you happy. It’s the best thing to make motivation work, as Steve Jobs said.


  1. Listen While You’re On The Move

It always feels good to have motivator near us. You may record motivational quotes or citation from your favorite books that you can listen anytime you are driving, running or on riding your bike.


  1. Think Outside Your Box

The world is full of possibility. Think outside the box will open new curtain you don’t imagine before. You’ll find more great things when you start discover them and it will really amaze you to try more and more of them.

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  1. Make Each Second Counted

You only have one live. Make it slow and enjoy what you have. It will make you happier.