“Just because you are slower than others, doesn’t mean you are failed.

Remember that!

( Unknown )

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You may get boring to listen this, but I would tired to remind you that everyone has their own strength and weakness. Some people has more strength than others, and some seem to have more weakness before they haven’t discovered themselves yet. No, weakness would not become our focus, because it’s better for you to put focus and effort on your strength.


How to Discover Your Strength?

Some people know their strength very well. They know their passion and which thing that they can do at best. Those who don’t recognize their strength mostly are those who haven’t discovered yet. The best thing to do, explore your self. Find out the repetitive things you love to do, whether it gives you good result or you just enjoy it as hobby. Sometimes, just because we enjoy our passion so much, we don’t realize it could become our door to open the brighter future. When you find this true, push your spirit to do your hobby better with more effort and create strategy on how could it turns out to be something good for your behalf.


Learn from People

It’s good to have companions for the same purpose. You could start keep your eyes on to people around you who might have similar hobby and may have vision like you. If you don’t find any one, don’t give up, walking alone is not bad. You could browse internet or reading book or else to find another who made their success on similar path. When you find them, write some points of their strategy, do an analysis and take conclusion. You could make them an inspiration to reach your success and follow their path.


For a While, Focus, There will be plenty time later to have fun..

Future starts today. If you want to reach success, for a while forget your time to have fun. It’s okay to hang out with friends on a weekend, but you have to control yourself. Remember, if you want to make a change, it should be started by you!