She talks about you like you put stars in the sky

( Unknown )


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When you fall in love, every little things seem beautiful. When you know she loves you so much, you will feel like the world is beneath you. You fly.. fly.. away… to the night sky…


Too bad, Justin just know that Ana loves him after few years. It was his best friend, Andrew who told him about it. In a conversation about the girl he loves, who is Ana’s friend, then it turns to Ana’s story. Andrew said Ana’s face always change when they talk about Justin. She looks excited and smile in her face imply something. He often tease her about Justin, and each time her face turns to red.


Ana and Justin were friends for long time. They’ve known each other since were 10 years old because they live in similar housing. People can guess they have crush on each other. But since Ana doesn’t like to show it, and Justin often deny his feeling, the two never go far. When Andrew said Ana very excited and fond of him, his reaction is more excited than Ana her self. He now believes that somebody must start it. And it should be him.


So Justin decide to make a move. He called her telling to pick her up after working. He brings the flower and wait Ana one her car. He can’t control his nervous during the wait. He tried to be relax by turning on a romantic instrument. Damn, it doesn’t help, so he turns it off.


So yes, finally Ana comes and say hi out of the window. Justin out of the car and gives her the flower. Ana looks happy and she tries hard to not show it. She said, “Flower? You give me the flower? For what?”. The situation becomes awkward. Justin thought it could go wrong, but hey, he know it’s a fool to keep this forever. He doesn’t want to deny it anymore, “I like you, Ana. No, not only like you as friend, but I love you. Even more, I love you since few years ago. May be five years ago, or six or seven years ago.”


He looks so nervous, especially because Ana looks surprised and almost give no reaction. Ana is actually feeling amazed. She thinks her feeling would not go far before the border or falling in love with her childhood friend. But when Justin said it, she is just happy and she knows the feeling is just beyond awesome.


“So, do you want to be my girlfriend?”, asked him. Ana smile and said, “Why do you say it now? Why don’t you say it three or four years ago? If you said it that time, I guess we have plan for more serious relationship now”.


His nervous gone no where and then he smile, “Yes, I’m so stupid I know”. So they hugs each other and laugh out loud. “Its better late than never”, Justin add.