“Sometimes People with Worst Past End Up Creating The Best Futures

( Anonymous )

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In my previous post of Quotes for Spirit and Soul- Life is happening now, I mentioned whether you born as poor, grow like a rich and dead as fool, it’s your responsibility. I have learned those who experience more shit tend to struggle life harder. They want a better life, they want their family, wife and children have something make them feeling proud of. They want show the world they can change their destiny. They want their past become history.


Their strong willing open the door that no one else on the other situation don’t like to open. This door is like covering by the hell but they have no choice but to break it down. They know behind that door something brighter is exist. They know they should do it to create better a future. So with all the power, they give the best to make it true. It takes hours that consume your energy so much. Then after that, the magical thing is happening. The door is broken and they have entered the whole new level. This is not the end of the story, because this is the beginning of everything. They still have long journey.


They Learn Harder, Work Smarter…

When people are sleeping, they allocate their time to build their emperor. It looks like poor building from outside for those who don’t understand. But inside, it’s beautiful interior. They just need to do one or two more step to decorate exterior and give an additional touch of madness to blush the pretty garden.


When most people in young days spend their time to have fun and holiday, this guy live with pressure forcing them to have more responsibility on themselves. They don’t want to fall once again. They don’t like experience this same damn thing one more time. Even when they fall, they will find it easier to move on after all they have been through. They know exactly how to have fun, after his job done. They have personality and more mature than their age.


Now you can call them real man. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll have opportunity to meet him and learn from him.