“I believe that we are who we choose to be.

Nobody is going to come and save you.

You’ve got to save yourself.

Nobody is going to give you anything.

You’ve got to go out and fight for it.

Nobody knows what you want except you,

and nobody will be as sorry as you if you don’t get it.

So don’t give up on your dream!”

( Anonymous )


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In fact, this life of yours is 100% your responsibility. When you fail, when you hit the rock of your karma or when you grieve, it’s your responsibility. Whether you sad, happy or regret too long, it’s also you who decide. Whether you born as poor, grow like a rich and dead as fool, it’s also yours. You can’t depend your happiness and fate on somebody else. You can’t expect miracle will change your whole life without you use your power to change your destiny.


They key is not God or about someone else to become your hero. The key is you. May be someone will deliver you to success, but it’s not because of him it happens, it because of you.

Some fanatics think praying to God is enough and He will lead them to success. No, I never doubt the power of God. God can do anything in seconds. You can see miracle happens everyday as the proof and it’s mind-blowing. But it’s not God alone. I believe God Himself would not like to see His creature only pray without effort of doing it. It’s lazy and God doesn’t like it You have do it, want to do it and fight for it to make that ingredient become reality. After all of those effort, keep your faith on what you doing and let God does his part. It’s how miracle work!


Also, you can’t expect somebody else for the change. Every success story not coming from an individual. That’s true. However, the vital energy is coming from you, not from that someone else. If you don’t have that energy, the hero would not reach you. There’s nothing really coincident in this life. People who coming through in your life does affect you and has them part to become your supporting cast. They will be great only if you work it out. Only if you means you are the real hero and you’re most important part.


The lesson is yours….

People contribute to give you experience, critics, messages and education. It’s not only formal education, because there are so many road to education. And those ‘street education’ exactly give you more than enough. From all you’ve been through, with all the supporting casts, I can make sure that the lesson is yours. It’s only yours. After this, you should be on the level where you acknowledge your power to reach more better stage of your life. You’ll have less fear and dare to take risk to accomplish your mission.