“Don’t Grow Up, It’s a Trap”

~ Anonymous

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I have once thought about it. I was unhappy with how I was growing up. I felt like loosing too much my childhood days. I felt like I didn’t get enough. But it’s thing we can’t reject, I know it. Like it or not, you must grow up. Ready or not, you have no choice. It’s just life.


Perhaps, for that reason, many adults are kids at heart. When they were kids, they want to be adult because they believe, if they are ‘big’ person, they can do anything they want. That child mindset often stay too long in our memory. It makes us not ready with reality that growing up bring us more responsibility. It teach us many things. And sometimes the storms come when we are not ready enough.


There will be time when life force us to be someone we are not. Life could be sweet and bitter. We could sit on the top and on the low. Someone who at the beginning giving us the rainbow could betray us and leaving pain we couldn’t forget. Sometimes our sacrifice will return in disappointment. Or sometimes people can’t see our effort to make them happy.


Being adult is more complicated. It’s not like what we thought when we were kids. But, seriously, it’s not trap. Childhood is indeed the most beautiful things happen in our life. We can happy for the simplest thing. We do not get hurt easily. And there will always be who take care us like there’s no other. We often treat so special and your closest people will granted your voices.


Storms are easily coming in our ‘adult’ days. It teaches us many things. Indeed in this stage, we have entered the whole new level. We have known sadness, joy, friendship, emptiness, trouble, self acceptance and rejection that make us a better person. It makes us learning. Like it or not, you must learn. Because if you don’t learn, it will bring you further to be more ‘the hurtest’ person. If you learn enough, then you will say life is tremendously wonderful!