“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact.

Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth”

( Marcus Aurelius )

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In my young days, I have been the victim. I listen too much to bad advises -good for them, not really good for me; and it caught be to the fear. I see the opportunities as valley that I should be careful with and better play safe.


Have you ever attended a seminar or motivation trainee? On that event you’ll watching the motivator speak damn great. He speak in loud voices that break all the mental block you have before. All of his speech inspire you and it really inspires you. You can feel the power of change and it’s like the door is half open. You can enter it and your life will be taken in whole new level. Back from this trainee, you have big confidence and ready for an action. You have strong faith and you know you’ll make it happen.


It’s contrast when you back home…

It’s not the end because when you back home things can change. You tell about your plan to your family and their reaction is out of your expectation. In very warm atmosphere and mild voice, mother attempts to close your door. She said your job is fabulous and good for making lives. She said to start a business you will lose all that you have already in life. She told the story about her friend who choose business and finally bankrupt. She said her best to advise you that business is not good for you. Not now.


All set to doubt you…

To make a comparison, the voice of motivator and your mother is different. The motivator speak out loud to motivate you and give you confidence to fulfill your mission. Your mother and family doesn’t speak out loud. They speak very nice, warm and mildly but has eliminated your brave to make great decision. It’s true that start a business means you take a risk, but sometimes in life, if you want to make difference, you must dare to out from your comfort zone to start a new.


You have your perspective and mission, and your family have their own perspective. And that slow voice is very powerful, stick to your heart and make you in doubt. It’s like they make you to become ‘protective person’ who wants to stay comfort. In this situation, try your best to hold into your mission. You can’t make everyone happy with your decision. You can tell them that you know the risk and what you want is only their support. Sooner or later, or even after hard debates, they should understand and appreciate your choice.


Do on Your Favor!

Family support is most important. At the same time, their perspective only want to see you happy and stay on your comfort life without looking forward the risk of new life. But you don’t have to always follow them, especially when you experience the story above. Everyone has different perspective.


Of course, your family tell the rational possibility. You will experience failure when you start a business. But hey, you can’t be on the top at the sudden. All the pain will paid later when you commit enough and do it in progress. One thing for sure: if you never try, you’ll never know!