Life is the most difficult exam.

Many people fail because they try to copy others,

not realizing that everyone has a different exam

~ Anonymous

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This quote hit me like a hurricane!

Well, not at all, people can actually copy other’s method, as long as they can hold their tongue to do modification on themselves. For example, you’ve read the success story of Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Job, and you know how cool they are to reach the top. You don’t necessary duplicate them, but you can note down his method and learn all the positive efforts that make this duo success exagerrately. Copy is not only copy, but copy with additional modification. You can copy the basic, but next you gotta have effort to develop your project in a way that suit on you. The more people you copy, the better result you get. As long as you don’t lose yourself.


Copy Too Much Showing Your Quality

If you’re type of person 100% copy here and there, people will know that your success is not originial. They will even low your quality and stare at you down. They don’t believe it’s your work or you have no idea and less creativity. Ah, come on, you can do better than this.


The wise says that being original is much better. It because every individual are unique. They have their own creativity that need to be voicing out to appear. Sometimes they have less confidece to show the world. Somebody needs to encourage them so they could work it out and become the witness of new magical things happen everyday.


We See Too Much Copy Model Everyday?

Basically we see similar things everyday. Perhaps you think the social media concept are almost the same. Yes, they concept may be the same. But each of them are designed for different purpose and different features. Twitter, Facebook, BBM, Path or WhatsApp are different on their own way. They are not totally the same. Instagram and Pinterest are too having differencing in some points.


Remember around 2009, Mylot is one of people’s favorite because it’s a warm social place where people can discuss things and get compensated as well. When they made a big change in May 2013, they didn’t pay the member anymore, some people started leaving. The worst thing was when this site totally copy twitter. It has 100% interface like twitter and become a very different site. On this stage, 90% more of Mylot members are leaving.That place now looking like a dead place! ( Though, it’s not only because of it. In that time, another site seduced their member to leave by offering easy-fast money. But, the change totally hits the loyalty of member ).


In 2015, Mylot rebirth. They back on their old track as discussion platform that pay their member and become the leading discussion board site. It’s still look like Twitter at front interface. But they have their own identity and concept. They don’t need publicity because actually their loyal members often login just to check the site and their friends. Old members who realize this do a come back and make this site alive one more time. That site actually has so many loyal members. You can believe I’m one of them ^_^.