How many times I have to say,

you are way so adorable in my eyes

yes, only in this poetry I can say it,

because each time we met and I saw your eyes, I felt like comfortably numb,

 You hypnotize me and I couldn’t move,

Even worse, it happens not only once but many times!


I lose my vision,

As I think about it, I realize it’s you, only you

It’s just about you, all about you..

You’ve taken everything from me,

Whenever I turn my head, I only see you,

You shine in my eyes like no one else before,

 You shine like the sun that embrace me into it warm,

 and you kill me every single seconds of my breathe


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I have met so many girls before, but no one like you

You’re so beautiful..

beautiful person, beautiful butterfly, just BEAUTIFULl!

I feel like it’s possible to standing here just to watch you all along days,

all the hail queen,

 I’m your slave, I’m your die hard fans,

You’ve got me overwhelmed!

If I think of wife, then you’re the best that I could ever have

the more I know you, the more I can’t live without you…


Your eyes made a lot of promises,

You leave twinkle in my eyes each time you tell me the story,

You set me into the breathless mode,

and I have no place to hide or escape,

because whenever I turn my head, it’s you in my eyes

so why can’t I get closer to you?

Perhaps I’ll going to get that chance,

Can I ask you out?