“Never allow waiting to become a habit.

Live your dream and take risks.

Life is happening now”

~Good Vibe

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Some people are waiting too much for miracle happening. It’s cool to always believe in miracle. Miracle does happen everyday. But most of the time, and become one of the most important, miracle happen to those who not only believe it, but work on it. Work twice harder than you get paid, as the saying goes. The key: if you want to see miracle happen soon on your life: work harder and if you fail, do more than your could have done before and do it all over again until you success.


Procrastination is Your Obstacle

Waiting and waiting is just excuse for lazy people. Nobody would give you free lunch except you‘re disable or because they have kindness in themselves. Nobody wouldn’t feed your family for free because people know they have you. And you would not get higher position on your company if you loss passion to compete.


You may think you have tomorrow to take another chance. In the next day, you will say the same thing. And the next week, the next month.. till you know you’ve wasted so much time. Stop become lazy and procrastinate things. It’s not easy to remove that habit indeed. But you must fight it, everyday, little by little, slowly and increase the intensity, like the story of quitter who success to get over the war between himself and cigarette.


Take a Risk and Fight

You will feel alive if you fight enough for your life. You must fight for yourself, and those who you love. If you are slow runner, don’t forget that you can climb and jump. You have talent, all things you need to reach that success, if you just realize about it. Sometimes you just don’t see it until your clone reach the top before you. Leave all your fears behind and know the risks wouldn’t scare you. Risk is nothing but part of the game. It looks scary at first. But you can handle this actually after the battle with your soul. Go ahead and you can conquer the world for yourself and your loved one!