” The best love is the one that makes you a better person, without changing you into someone other than yourself”

~ Unknown


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Because love is not meant to change somebody. In fact, in most cases, love doesn’t change people. You couldn’t always have that power to change people, even those who madly in love with you. So, if some of you still expect your man turn to be super hero, you must ready to be disappointed. In love, you must trying walk together with him and appreciate each other. You need to listen and be a good companion for him even when you want to fly higher for a jet plane in that second of time.


I have learned that love is about understanding, respect, toleration and acceptance. Do not burden too much your love with high expectation of yours of life full of joy. If you want to be happy, do it together, don’t make him as the only feed to make it true. Your life and your happiness is still your responsible whatsoever.


Loving is understanding and accepting that you and your partner may have different nature and perspective, but both of you still respect and tolerate each other to make each your relationship blossom and contented.


Love is very simple and much enjoyable when you both walk together appreciate what your lover have done for you and praise them for every little effort. He may not need your praise, but praising will make your relationship full of respect and become stronger. True love will make you feeling contented. And it will guide you to be a better person even without him try to direct you to certain point of alteration. The most important thing, do not forget to enjoy every little thing with him. Say your love often and make laugh together often. Make every second of your relationship worth while and you will feel that you have the best love story in the world, just like you watch on the movie.