“You have this one life.

How do you wanna spend it?

Apologizing? Regretting? Questioning? Hating yourself?

Dieting? Running after people who don’t see you? Be brave.

Believe in yourself. Do what feels good.

Take risks. You have this one life. Make yourself proud.”

~ Beardsley Jones

  brave, risk, take a risk, opportunity, proud


Feeling good in your comfort zone? Or having regret that you always count? That quote above is very powerful to push you and smash you. It’s true that we have one life. We have no choice but to fight for what we deserve, to struggle and to conquer every challenge. It will be day of sweat, but at the end the fruit will taste sweet.


I have known many hard-worker. My latest boss in a company ( when I wrote this ) is one of the kindness boss in the world. He has great integrity, caring to his staff, very responsible, not temperamental at all ( seriously, he never get angry on things ) and clever man in his 30. Isn’t he still so young to be a businessman? Yes, he is.


Back in the day, when all of his friend busy to enjoy life by going to mall, trip often, and have fun, he spent most of his teenage time to achieve his mission. He was a poor blogger. He didn’t have laptop so every morning he take bus to go to public internet located in near city ( his home was a small village with no internet access ) and back after evening. He did this everyday until he had few dollars from working online months later. Not a big fish yet, but he decided to use it to buy a modem and laptop instead of enjoying his hard work in expensive restaurant.


With laptop and modem, he now had reason to be more ambitious. He spent his morning to night and night to morning in front of laptop without counting time. When people slept, he take a coffee to resist his drowsiness. It was a long difficult period for few dollars, but he didn’t give up.


He never stop learning everyday to prepare his self for the goods. He didn’t recognize complaint and tiredness those days. All he knew was working and make his dream coming true. He said to God that it was okay to be born as poor children, but he prefer to die early than live whole life as poor.


Less than 6 years, he established his first business on internet. His niche is an alternative therapy.It sounds like a difficult niche, especially for five years ago. But nothing is impossible. And it’s true that miracle happens everyday. His business grow perfectly toward time and he became the rich man.


He has developed his business to more complex niches now. He has three child companies with his friend to date and it still grows. He can change his car anytime he wants and now invest on property more seriously. Success is in his hand. Though he still manage to improve him self by reading so many books ( he read the book like eating crackers! ) and joining him self in various training program and business workshop. That was a great journey!