Stop thinking me yours,

You can’t act like innocent after hurting somebody’s pride,

Things would never be the same anymore,

I won’t come back to see you,

I will close my door,

Find a way escaping my soul to another space,


You broke me for many times,

You scream too much during my childhood,

You force too much during my teenage days,

and deceive comfy when I’m mature enough,

Yes, I’m standing on my choice,

I’m the rebel one,

it doesn’t mean I don’t respect you after all,

I just have my philosophy,

You can’t get it…


 sad poetr, sadness, alone, sad poem, broken heart


You said I gave you less than enough,

If I could I would present the world for you,

but it’s matter of circumstance,

You know, in my darkest hour I would never complaint to show you I’m fine,

You could never see that…


I don’t like to hate you, I swear…

I don’t want to…

You should be that someone special behind me,

to cheer me when I fall,

to heal from my pain,


I almost run into the darkest journey,

I almost lost faith and purpose,

I almost doubt God and kindness,

My heart already dying while I’m still alive,

and it’s all because of you,

because you perfectly know how to hurt