“If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely”

~ Roald Dahl

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Content yourself with positive thought and you’ll be more positive person!

I have friends with different character. The first person is the cleverest. She tends to become the serious one in various occasion. When she listen to funny stories or humor, she find it hard to enjoy it. She can’t even laugh little when all of us laugh to tears. Though, she has strength that all of us don’t have. She is very independent person and will be the one to rely on in difficult task. She is the dreamer, follow her intuition and do everything to accomplish her mission and become on the top of the mountain. Perhaps, she had past trauma that she can’t tell us or phobias she never knew.


The second person is heart warming person. She smile often and bright with the color she has. She is nice person to talk anything, from deep to shallow and from great to silly things. She is very mature, feeling comfort with her self and doesn’t mind to show her stupidity sometimes. Yeah, mostly because we are friend. But in other situation, she is the one we can rely on in weird situation because she has no shame at all. No, it’s not we use her. She knows it’s hers :v.


The third person is the funniest. She is friendly and easy going. She can hang out with anyone at ease. She enjoy her self a lot, do things she love without restriction. She love vacation, take any photo and show off the world to social media –OK, you will find this as the most annoying thing sometimes. She spends all the money for things she love like there’s no tomorrow. Yes, she careless sometimes, but whenever she is in trouble, she can call anyone to help her. For her, life is very easy and fun!


What type of person are you?

You and everyone around you are unique individual. I have learned from my friend that each of us have strength and weakness. For ever contrary, we still respect each other and support to help us growing. Even though my serious friend couldn’t laugh to our humor, we still love her for the way she is. We share more good to her because she needs the most. After few times, she is not that serious like she was. She knows more how to enjoy life and feeling more comfort. She has more good thought and ready to share it the world with shiny face.