You never look good trying to make someone else look bad

~ Unknown

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Seriously, you have many ways to show your quality. But, talking about others weakness or opt to have a gossip club, is a big NO. Those who smart and good behave would not busy enough updating others life. They have theirs like you have yours.


God create everyone with weakness and strength. Sometimes you just can’t see each strength within people for you tend to be individually or subjective. Remember, you never on each other shoes, so the same things will define differently for each people. It’s not the reason to judge though. Improve your self with experience and wisdom, so you can enrich yourself with good understanding on people and look how God made everyone unique.


Once you have great understanding on people and life, finding the positive side on everyone should not be hard. Even in an ugly schmuck, you’ll find one beautiful thing that amazes you. If you will to be deeper enough.


So, stop talking it. Stop judging people, stop being arrogant, and stop making people feeling worth less. Embrace everyone and share your blessing. That will make you become the happier person.