“a Partner Should Help You Fly”

~ Kareena Kapoor Khan, Bollywood Super Star

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Relationship brings responsibility. If others can make you smile while he can’t or somebody can lift you higher while he just pull you down, it’s a bad sign. Should I say that most women love getting hurt? It’s not necessary, though in fact, some women will always keep in memories those who hurt her and still taking care those douche bags. They even left behind those who appreciate her more. It’s bizarre, isn’t it?


I remember another quotes saying if you don’t have partner who can’t support you, it’s better you are alone. Walking together with those who don’t support you will only give you poisons. It bite you second by second, ruin your confidence and break your mental down. You have two choices: let him go because you deserve someone better or keep going with him because you love him so much and you believe your love will change him sooner or later.


Miracle does happen. But if you let yourself stay in bad relationship, it will give you more damages. Love will change people? No, it does not always happen. Perhaps you expect too much your love story will be like in Bollywood movies or like another romance on Hollywood. But say bitter, it means you drink too much or you are in day dream. That’s the reason why so many people have hurting broken relationship or end up in divorce that leave deep trauma


If you find your man is not supportive, restrict you too much or rude, you should leave him. If it makes him change, it means you can change him. If it does it happen, you should move on with your life. It does hurt at first, but it would be better than living your life in negativity and leave you in regret.


You have to believe that you are good enough to get better man who protect you and lift you higher. Relationship should make you feeling comfort. Your man should be the one who make you smile and become happier person. If you haven’t find one yet, just enjoy your life being single. It’s way much better. Good men are cooler than those douche bags. Having no relationship is better than trap into relationship that only harm you and make you feeling worthless.