“You always have two choices: your commitment versus your fear.”

~Sammy Davis, Jr.

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Don’t be deceived. They both could appear in the same face. You may give the wrong response by thought it was a big monster of fear to hold your commitment. You need to tell your self you’re gonna strong and ready with your decision, whatever it takes, it will never scare you enough, then you can make one success commitment. One success commitment mean you will consistent on the road you taken and will not looking back for whatever reason. In the middle of your travel you could meet tyrannosaurus or more troubles taking your breath away. It’s okay. You know it already and you can predict it!


Those who commit will understand the risk and will face their fear. I will say that fear will be one face that so often appear when you trying hard to stay strong on your commitment. After fear, regret is the next thing will become monster in your decisions. When you hit the giant rock, it seems you’ve taken wrong commitment and the guilty start arise to become the shadow that haunt you. Then you thought if you take another road advised by your friend or mother, perhaps things will not go this worse. Great, if you have just thought about this recently, officially you have just been trapped!


Indeed, fear, regret and various negative mind are way of evil to weaken you. It will make your commitment fading out and turn you to become so hopeless and feel like go back is the best option. In this time, these two choices will decide what will happen in your life later : keep fighting for your commitment and following your instinct no matter how many times you fall OR following your fear to go back because you think another road was made for you previously.


If you take the second point, your pain may stop for a moment. And you still become that ‘same’ person who can’t make it and prove you are not that tough enough. You will find the job on the city and will accept regular salary for your work. You will come back to the people who had said to you following ‘this and that’ are the best for you. And they give you smile of their victory to embrace you.


Otherwise, would you stand on your choice with the first option? It means another and more pain will head off alternately. They can’t stop you though! Time by time, it’s like they entertain you to be a tougher man. They will teach you many things and show you the way. It’s like slow ripening fruit with a lot of trouble. But, trust me, when your fight completely finished, the result will make you happy. That long fight will be seen as short story full of sweat. And you can show to people that you can make it because of you, because your strong commitment. Does it make you happier and proud of who you are?


Wait, don’t forget that the commitment here is one subject that you have counted carefully before. This is what your heart say and your biggest dream you wan to pursue. It’s not sudden decision that you’ve just created five minutes ago. So yes, it means, you must fight for it and ignore all those negative voices.