“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. ”

~ Confucius

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I would not deny this quote nor against those who contra with this.


The evidence that life is very simple shown when you see the poor dancing between the rain. It’s so easy how they forget the pain we thought they experienced every single breath of their life. Or when you see the kids laugh out loud on friend who pretend to find them hardly after effort. Or when you see the new couple madly in love and couldn’t stop staring each other like the world are theirs.


Yes, life is beautiful. Life is very beautiful in very simple ways. If you think being happy and have all days smile are difficult things and expensive, there must be something wrong in you. Throw away all those negatives that affect you and make your life bitter. You are what you think. Only you who responsible to make your self happy. If your mind is too complicated and full of pressure, you can not be happy. Set your self free from the world you chase. Let your heart opened widely to embrace the warm of the sunrise and enjoy the beautiful of sunset.


Do not push your self too much to reach the highest. Do not be too hard to your self. Sit on the top makes you feeling proud. Though, after all, it’s not everything. True happiness made from smallest thing. You will be happier to spend more time with your kids on a family vacation than sink in too much paper of your work. Your friend jokes will make you laugh louder than how your boss praise your excellent work.


Well, don’t get me wrong. Accomplish your mission and content with achievement is great, but it’s not by leaving behind all those worthier things or pushing your self too much. Work hard and love your job, but don’t forget that you deserve a cup of your favorite coffee at the end of your day. Make your life balance then you will feel that big love from people around you. When you get both, you will find your life perfect. You’ll be happier person. You’ll be the happiest person in very simple way. You’ll have more peaceful state of mind and heart.