something has changed between us,

when I stared those two beautiful eyes,

my feeling is still the same,

it’s still there..

I wanna touch you and share that stupid joke all over again,

I want to make you laugh to tears,

but it’s not going to be happen,

you were now the stranger


I feel my heart still so close to you,

You were my world,

but things have changed at the sudden,

those days of joy and laughter seems bitter now,

It was so yesterday..

I can breathe you though,

but it contains more toxic

 poetry, poem, broken heart, sad, girl, sitting, alone

Yes, I will come,

you have been the biggest part of me,

you have been so critical for very long time,

I will come to celebrate that moment,

I hope you have a brighter day, and happy ever after,

and I’ll find a new man someday,

love me the way you did,

so no need to worry,

yours has done…


It ain’t gonna be easy for me,

Losing you is like I lost both soul and mind of mine

But I just can’t force,

When things didn’t work out between us


I would not give up learning to move on,

It’s hard, but I still can do it by my self,

you have taught me many things,

you’re just still so beautiful to me,


Ohh.. those days… I miss them so much,

I can taste your smile even in this pain,

It was so yesterday,

but attached so strong beneath me,

and this feeling could never change,

I know you know this,

but you no need to worry,