I find it hard to reach you,

I give up,

to your scream and shout


I was only the little girl,

You were too hard to me,

And your rudeness broke me for the first time,

I didn’t recognize you since that time,

My ill heart transformed me become one another kind,

It’s never changed since that time,

I’ve tried many times to get you though,

It never worked for me,

or might I couldn’t find a way

We were not meant to understand each other


I wish we can get closer,

but every effort goes waste,

you’re too hard for me to reach,

even when you are only two feet away from me,

I still can’t get you,

I wish to change things,

But I know now it would never happen,

You create the hole in my heart,

Feeling deep hollow throughout my life,

You’ve ruined my heart for many times,

It couldn’t be the same anymore,

My willingness has just gone


girl, alone, sad

(c) GoodFon.su


We are like two different worlds,

what you see I can’t see,

what I see is things you could never see,

You think you have my soul,

but I’m longing for something else,

something else that you could never understand,

even in your subliminal dream,



we can’t get together,

I’m trying hard to get you,

but you can only see my dark side,

no matter I tried to pursue you,

you just see that grey cloud all over me,

you can’t see something else,

my body is here, but my heart already dying,

your hatred burnt everything,

makes want to leave forever and never look back,


I’m sorry I can’t make you happy,

You might remember me as the failure,

I’m sorry things turn out this way,

But there is no door to fix this,

So I will leave and never look back