“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different.”

~ C.S. Lewis

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Well, there is no really ordinary day actually. Every single day is different day, especially if you meant it. Today is not the same with yesterday. And tomorrow would be another brand new day. Do you feel that your life is boring and suck?


That was a very point when you don’t really enjoy life and thankful less. It also means you need something to rock your world. You gotta leave your comfort zone and start an adventure. Be a little wilder and have most memorable day with your friend and your world. You have to travel often and climb the mountain to scream out the top of it peak. It will make you a brand new person and set you in fire. It will make you feeling alive!


The old version of yourself will be happier to remember all those young days. It’s true that past moment would become a memory soon. You can’t deny it or take it back or attempt to live the same life twice. It’s yet impossible.


Though, if you put sugar or honey on any moment of yours, it will make you smile and realize it’s more than just a memory. Someday, and anytime, you will remember this over and over again as beautiful reminiscence. That smile is prove that you remain young no matter how long it passed and no matter how old you are. . The moment doesn’t last forever unless you were blended with it.


Everybody has different story. Not everyone has the same chance to make an adventure and feel the same happiness easily due to some reasons. Whatever, it would be interesting to have sweeter memory than not. It doesn’t have to travel the world or going abroad. Happiness is not that complicated. You just have to enjoy “every” moment. Please meant it!


If you feel like you can’t make your life become more colorful, you no need to protest any longer or regret it in your old days –that you didn’t travel enough and you feel didn’t have enough time to taste your teenage days. It’s your life. It really depends on you whether to make it dull or make it unforgettable so you’re contented. It’s always up to you. The choice is yours and it always comes back to you.


So, again, enjoy your life and have fun when you have the time.