“To Live a Creative life, We must lose our fear of being wrong”

~Joseph Chilton Pearce

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It’s too classical, but true and still relevant with current situation. Those who worried too much will lose more chance than those who try with thousand of failures. Those with thousand of failures aren’t called as failed person but the bravery. Who could one not give up after so many failures? What secret he has? What inspired him to stand still for so long?


Don’t smile too much, because what he passed through was something you don’t know. You might be stupefied to listen to his story. For you do not know how suffering he felt before. You don’t know he cried hard before he slept for every failure. You don’t know he pushed him self badly.


Though, one thing, at certain point of his life, he realized, persistencece doesn’t lie. One failure to another failure means another progress. Every failure was the lesson from previous researches. And every research means hard work needs an appreciation. He has through so many valleys to reach higher mountain. Any time he reach one mountain and watching the heartbreaking view, he believes to reach the higher one and get more wonderful view. It’s his journey to success.


To reach his destination has never been as easy as what people saying. He get ride of his fear of being wrong and stop listen to voice saying “you can’t make it” and “you’re going to end up as another looser”. It’s hard to live with that, but he must ignore that to move forward. He believe showing the evidence would make the best revenge, so yes, he will make it.


No matter how long you reach your destination is not a matter. Most matter, you know it wouldn’t happen if you were stop that time. It wouldn’t be that beautiful if you decided to give up and go back after fight so long.


What will happen if we have more fear than courage? You still always can live today because you may still have parent or relatives you can rely on. But whenever situation change and you are still the person the day you were before who too afraid taking a chance and risk, you who will end up as the looser. You can live that way, but it means you don’t fight for the best to make your family deserve a better life. The question, will you? Don’t forget, regret always comes to an end.