” My Brain is Like The Bermuda Triangle…

Information goes in and then it’s never found again”

( Unknown – Found on quotesnhumor.com )

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Ah… this one is so cute 🙂

And I feel bit offended honestly lol. No.. no.. don’t take it seriously. We need to loosen our muscle by smiling and laughing. Agree? So, 1 … 2 …3 … let’s laughing for no reason ^_^


Let’s talk about this one..

We all make mistake, right? I can forget easily too, but don’t get me wrong, I was soo good at school. I’m smart on some subjects, but have weakness on another subjects too as well. In academic, most of the time, it’s easy for me to deal with exams. Not perfect actually because I’m jaded on math. Though, my seatmate was the best student on math, so I had great teacher to chase my backwardness nicely.


The physic exercise was my enemy. No matter I’m smart on academic subject, I always failed with this one. In Elementary School, my friend bullied me because of this. Friends on High School are much better because they were more mature and know how to behave.


Well, though I felt smart enough in academic, I have one sin should to be a secret : memorized phone number is way toooo hard for me! It’s true. May be somebody can force me to remember phone number on particular time, but on the following days or weeks, that has just gone. So far, I’m only able to remember my only one number. It took few weeks for me to remember my office’s phone number. Though, when I quit, less than two months, I can’t remember that number even a little. Even when you asked me what my husband number is, I must check my phone book first. Is that weird?