“The ‘what if’s’ and the ‘should-have’s will eat your brain”

~ John O’callaghan

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It’s time to count your blessing…

And please, stop comparing yourself to other for you’re going to find more weakness and disappointment than happiness. How could this happen? Well, it’s not that you are really weaker than anyone else actually. It because when you start comparing, you actually start to judge yourself exaggeratedly. Yes, we have the weakness, even the best motivator or great actor has, but, why should you focus on your weakness? Why don’t you focus to your strength and develop yourself on the talent you have? Would it make an advantage for you? More over, focus to weaknesss will set you to meet the negative, think negatively and act negative.


In other side, when you focus to your strength and your talent, you know how to move forward. No matter where do you come from, you always have the same chance to reach success only when you focus on positive. You may not have all sources to reach the top quickly, but when you believe, you’ll find a way. This formula never do wrong. Success people is not always those who expert on that field, but most of the time, they who follow their instinct, do hard work and do an action on regular basis.


Still find it hard to be a more positive person? Oh yeah, to be jealousy is easy and changing is not that easy. Though, you still can give a try and see how the smallest thing start change and contribute so well in yourself. When you start it, the next step is easier. So, please stop all that excuse and shit that divert your attention! You have talent and instinct, and that would be your very first weapon to start your journey to a success. And the most important thing, it’s your willing. The more you want it, you become stronger and thinking of obstacles as challenge to conquer.