“ Whenever things go a bit sour in a job I’m doing, I always tell myself, ‘You can do better than this’.”

~ Dr. Seuss

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Yeah, Princess Kaurvaki has written dr. Seuss Quotes before, and this is one of our favorite. Now let’s talk about job!


The author, Redva Kaurvaki, has recently quite from her job as front liner on the leading travel agent company on her city. It was a high-pressure job because working on ‘service’ company has never been so easy. It’s really a tough job to deal with ‘evils’ who hide behind ‘customer’ mask. They believe that customer is the king, so most of them feel like they could do anything they want to.


In that company, staffs are often mistaken by customer who wants an instant service without considering rules and procedures. Most customers come from high-class-snob people who easily speak rudely and blame for the service and bad product from provider ( airline or hotel service ) to the travel agent staff. You can’t even get your holiday in peace because customers contact you anytime and sometimes when they favor you, they don’t want service from another staffs but you –we love loyal customer, but they should know too that we need to breathe. When some request couldn’t be fulfill, they will scold you with profanity words or will call your boss –because they believe they are always on the right side and must get what they want.


With that high pressure situation, people often scream on each other and become selfish which make work environment becomes more high temperature and so on. Every staff could be a monster on any single day. Sometimes they couldn’t be get friendly each other during the work days. It more looks like the hell than the work place! It’s awful!


So yes, she decided to leave the job. The reason is not only the high-pressure or not comfortable job actually. She knows very well she can handle it –yeah, some people knows how to handle that kind of full pressure job. She also loves to have nice-friendly customer even though some of them were complicated and annoying. But if you can find the better one, why you stuck to job that give you more pressure and stress?


She left the job on that travel company for another job. She thought what she learnt on that company is not enough to be his provision for the future. Handling customer is challenging job, but things she learnt on that company will not give her something she can use in the future –oh, yeah, because it’s not really passionate her.


On the other hand, she wants an extra ordinary job to fulfill her desire. The best job is based on passion, so she goes for what she belief. She works now on Internet Marketing Company which is very awesome for her. In the new company, she learns many new things like website, SEO, photography and video-graph. The company also has nice environment and friendly atmosphere.


She feels like it was a good decision and nice to leave one job to get one better job. Sometimes job is about option. And the most important thing, if you work on the company that passionate you, it will be the best job ever. It’s more than just salary you get, but friends and experiences would make you have great experience toward your future. And for sure, you’ll never have any regret!