“No One Makes a Lock without a KEY. That’s why God won’t give you a problem without solutions”

– Oliver Wendell Holmes

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This quote is very logic and easy to understand, even for the kinder garden girl 🙂

Though, sometimes when we sink into a serious problem, we sink into it too much, feeling desperate like there is no way out. We doubt our self power, fear our brave and make all of our energy melted into a deeper weakness. Is this happening to you or your friend?

It could happen to me anytime too!


I was a very pessimist girl for many times of my life. I lost hopes and often felt unlucky compare to my friends –Oh my, I watched them too much!. More I watched them, more stress I got and it made me crazy. Then I seclude myself and decide to be alone to get recovery. This ‘weird’ method works for me. In my loneliness, I learn to listen to my self and motivate my self. Yes, it’s true that the best motivation coming from your self –not from Mahatma Gandhi or Thomas Alva Edison.


Further more, I learn to stop comparing my self, acceptance and stop chasing the world. When you were alone, you don’t usually listen to others, but only your heart. It’s almost like a deep meditation. In this critical moment, I read a lot of good motivation book and powerful song ( Pop that enlighten and Alternative that set me on fire ) to encourage me. Learning acceptance, love our self and enjoy every trouble we have, is really not easy. Even, the early decision to keep my self away from friend and people is hard, but toxic must be neutralized! –let me call it that way.


My biggest problem perhaps was my bad perspective, negative thinking and lack of grateful, which made me easily get mad and complaint, and it triggers any problem to come easily to my life. Learning acceptance and ‘forget the world’ meditation gave me great result anyway. By the time, it makes me become more calm and lighter. I feel like something told me, face it and just let it flow. And I find it true about the lock and the key, that a problem is created with one or more solutions. With more faith that I have, I enjoy every problem of mine. Even, when I’m just being trap into a problem, I have strong believe that I might solve it with various options. There is nothing about trouble in life, but to make you smarter and tougher. This is lesson that you should always remember throughout your life.