“Don’t be so hard on yourself”

( Unknown )

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What have you done to yourself? What did you get by forcing too hard? Come on guys, you only have once life, enjoy it….


I have a friend who becomes an orphan since she is very young. She, Zay was only five years old when her father and mother died in terrible accident. She was very cheerful girl before, but at the sudden her world turns into a grave. She like lost everything and completely becoame a different person. Her aunty is the only one she has, but she became so quiet after that and don’t speak much to her aunty. Her aunty tried to bring her to psychiatric and consulted to ‘Children Experts’, but nothing change.


When she was 12 years old, her aunty left her after got married to overseas guy. It was not easy for her aunty to leave her, but aunty thought somebody who may bring life back to her. Her aunty commended her to other close relatives, which she called Uncle Jack. Uncle Jack is 40 years old man who became her aunty’s and mom’s best friend in their teenage days. So, for them, Uncle Jack is a family.


Lucky, she met the great man. Uncle Jack is very good man. He works on goverment agencies and also becomes freelance writer for local megazine. He realizes there was something wrong with Zay and he promises to Zay’s aunty to protect Zay.


First, Zay didn’t socialize with others and only study and study. Second, Zay lost her spirit to live, she spent most of her time on bed room playing with her old photo album.


Uncle Jack paid attention to her, tried hard to get idea to help Zay get her life again. He did it slowly since he didn’t want to make Zay feeling uncomfortable whatsoever. And taraaa… Uncle Jack thought of the right moment to say it.


Uncle Jack came to her room and started a conversation, “hello, dear, what are you doing?.” Zay was reading her book, though it’s a long holiday.

“Why don’t you play outside? With your friend, Rolland, Ben, Dyan or Cathy?” asked Uncle Jack again. Zay smile, “I have to study, Uncle. Mom and Dad asked me to study so I could be smart student. I don’t want to hurt them again”.


Uncle Jack gave this girl a hug. He speak from heart to heart about his chronicle. Zay stared at his uncle’s eyes, “really, uncle? you’re an orphan too? why I didn’t know”. His uncle nodded his head and smile. Uncle Jack said “It was never easy to like a normal kids at first, but life goes on. Uncle knows what you feel because I felt that too. Uncle spent much time to watching old album like you do, but it can’t change anything. I decided to not watch them often then. It’s a fate that your parent has shorter life, but it’s not your destiny to be unhappy. Happiness is your right and it’s always depend on you to choose to be happy or not, dear.”


Zay closed her book, feeling stupefied. Uncle Jack continued his story, “Many of uncle’s friends never knew about that because Uncle tried to act normal and just tried to live like the way they live. You know, you have to try this method. Just enjoy your life”


Zay said, “I’m not sure, uncle, you know I….”. His uncle said again, “God sent you to the earth and live longer than your parent with reasons, dear. Your parent love you and you love them so much, I know. But they are not the only reason for your presences. Your aunty loves you so much, so do I. Do you like to see us sad?”


Zay said no. His uncle spoke again, “You are here for me too and for a better future. I don’t have daughter and Uncle is so grateful to have you here. Only one thing, uncle doesn’t want to see your sad face. It’s time to live like a normal person. Live every day, be little wild and blend with your friend to have fun. Have many friends and have fun, so you will know that life is wonderful and you’re blessed. I may not your parent, but I will always protect you like they do”


Zay cry and hug Uncle Jack. This man has taken care her and give her the best as if she were a daughter. She didn’t know what to say. His uncle is really great man, and it was the best advice and conversation the whole of her life. She feels like tongue-tied, but Uncle Jack knew this young girl understand very well what he just said. Uncle Jack also believed this girl will have long-happy life and she will grow.


Since that day, everything has got better. The following day, Uncle Jack got surprises by watching Zay in early morning serve him a hot coffee and had breakfast ready on the table. Usually, Zay wake late after instruction. She greeted Uncle Jack with shiny face, “Morning, uncle”. She gives kiss to his check and said “You’re not my uncle, you’re my hero. Can I call you dad? I promise to be your good daughter and always be happy”.


Uncle Jack smile. He didn’t believe that last conversation gave an instant result. “Who you think you are? Since the first time your aunty gave you to me, you have been my daughter”, said Uncle Jack. They both hug each other. Uncle Jack was very lonely after lost his wife seven years ago and he has no son or daughter. He was very happy that everything has good ending.


Zay, 23 years old, is one of most cheerful bestie I’ve ever had. It because of her uncle. Her uncle told her to be happy, and counted her blessing. Two years ago his uncle passed away due to an illness. But she promised to never sad anymore and to continue life. She is going to leave this city to live with her aunty next month. I always pray the best for her….