“Don’t allow your wound to turn you into a person you are not”

( Unknown )

sad girl, alone, sitting, dark, wound


 Beside the power of pressure, the power of wound is the most possibility to change people. Wound makes you feeling stressful and depress, so you lost your rationality and think fast way out without consideration. The result? Most of time, I’ve seen that wound turn people become more miserable, emotional, revenge and evil. They lost control over themselves and completely turn into evil. Even worse, it could happen to the kindest person ever too –it’s really powerful. The hurt feeling sometimes is inevitable, but remember, you always have the door to knock down.


If someone hurt you badly, don’t let him/her do it all over again. Stop showing your weakness or cry in front of him/her. Show your smile that you’re just too good to be one of a kind. You deserve to be happy. And also, don’t keep it yourself. Talk to your bestie, sister, brother or parent for what you feel inside. They may not solve your problem completely –because it always depends on you, but they will do the best to help you. They will also know whether the problem affect you too much or not. If it does happen, they will sacrifice themselves just to heal you and make you smile again.


The most important thing, say what you feel will reduce your broken feeling and the burden you carry. Listen to your favorite music or traveling is good option too. You will feel much better, lighter and happier. When you show your spirit to those who harm you, it does not only make them feeling weird, but it will make them weak and guilty. You would even get surprised if suddenly they regret what they have done and start adores you! Wouldn’t it be awesome?