This is The New Day,

I find my grass is greener than the last day I saw,

I hear my birds sing the new song all over again,

I feel like watching two suns in the middle of this cloudy day,

I feel that great energy pour on me

Wooww…. and it’s way too overawe!


This is the new day,

The curtain has turn from blue to be bright red,

I see new hope and new spirit,

I feel like alive again,

something is about to happen,

and I can’t stop grateful for what today brings,


today is a new day, poetry, happy, happiness 

This is just the beginning,

and I’m thinking of the obstacles,

but I believe God is always by my side,

I feel His touch softly,

make every step and journey becomes lighter and easier


This is the new day,

I don’t know why I’m so on fire,

This is so good for me to start all these good things,

This is a very opportunity,

toward a better future,

and more brilliant life,

I’m so ready to go there,

Wait me a second,

I’m stringing my shoes,

and about to leave and make a cross