If every man is just like you,

day would be miserable and be blue,

you’re just too shallow,

judge every girl from it less glow


I would never deny every good moment we shared before,

but more I know you, more I understand I deserve a better man,

no man raise his voice like you do,

and you’re the only who scream louder every second,

and I feel like it’s the way you told me “you can’t get any better man”,

and more and more day I find it as a challenge..


 If every man is just like you,

I would love to walk as single the whole of my life,

I would enjoy my lonely day with no restriction,

Ohh… I really miss those freedoms in my young days,

and you know nothing but think me worse

woman, girl, beautiful, sitting, alone, lonely, feeling broken

(c) Pixabay


This love has faded,

and you make it this way,

Not for other man hypnotize me,

not that I adore somebody else,

you’ve just destroyed it again and again…

every pieces I build trying to fall in love with you one more time,

I find no reason to stay,

and the door let me to go away


I’m not typical easy girl,

but if someday you find me with another guy,

don’t be sad for I leave you,

sad for how you treat me before,

you just make it this way,

and I’m so glad to finally say a good bye!


 Thank you for wasting my time!

I feel much better now,

one burden has just gone,

and I will never let it come back