Life can be so surprising. You can sit in your lowest level of life last year, and sit high quickly right now. You were in the top of your career, but you never know what danger to push you down at the sudden. Life is such as mysterious tale. Sometimes being smart and wise is not enough. You still can fail anytime. Learning is the process that you should been through for every mistake and lesson you get in life. Moreover, you should avoid couple of bad habits that make you fail. They could be very simple and ordinary thing that you would not count before.


To be Come The Follower

When your friend gain his succeed in MLM, you envy him and follow him. When he decided to start an internet marketing business, you follow him because you don’t want him to win alone. Well, it has no ending. You can envy your best friend or anyone, but be in a positive way and stop to be only followers. Everyone has the same opportunity to success indeed, however, it doesn’t mean every chance is your right. Looking to your inner voice and try to work in your passion. Don’t tempted by other success. Just because they are success in this field, it has no guarantee you will success on it too. Yes you have to try many things, but remember if you have to put focus and work too.

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Too Busy for Nothing

Stop acting like you are very busy. Many people feel like they have no time and spend of most their time to be not productive at all. They are too busy with their gadget, watching television and hang out like there is no other day. Life is only once, I know, and we need have fun sometimes. It would be wise to know when to have fun and when to make your precious time becomes more productive and give you something good. Does it sound good to earn additional money from your free time or start a business? Now you think about it!


Having Less Spirit & Passion

Spirit, passion and determination is very essential. If you want to become big and reach your goal, you must never lose those three. You will experience ups and downs. Fall, then get up, fall again, get up again and again. When your spirit is bigger than your fear, you will see more opportunity than obstacle. You will see interference as your examination to move forward.

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Nobody’s perfect. We will always meet clever person or wiser person who leads us to be a better person and help us in many ways. Except when we are this kind of annoying person, self-righteous, it’s almost hard to see the kindness, gratitude and greatness of other. Come on, you can learn from anyone!



Procrastinate thing will make our work slower and ruin us from having productive day. You slow two things you should able to do at once and make yourself lost in competition even with yourself. Procrastination also gives time to your friend who start slow to finish early and make you end like a loser. Procrastination is like chronic illness. If you have strong willing to cure it, you can have a better life.



Arrogance is like a toxic in your success. It allows you to create distance for you from people you love before. It makes you blind and scrape the kindness from your heart and you harm and underestimate people easily. When your arrogance reach it peak, you even forget who you were before. People you insult may do revenge and embarrass you to send you back to the ground. Reach the top, but keep your feet beneath the earth.


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