I’m a silence,

going to wrap you with despondence live in my soul,

going to share you my tears,

bring you to my eternity prolapse,

away from all those voices and rejoices,

to leave this glowing world,

that confound you with all those shi*t



I’m going to scare you,

shut your mouth up and stop you,

until your stuck point,

and you give up and doubt,

and you are in grief for nothing,

lose your self for nothing,

and immensely tired with everything



I’m a silence,

I’m only a shadow,

could not appear even when you open the window,

but this gloomy feeling is here for real,

you can feel it since it’s thrill

  silence, quiet, gloomy, poetry, poem

I’m a silence,

My face remains a mystery,

till the day you find me in reverie,

I’m with you when you feel lonesome,

and you have no choice but to accept me,

because I’m your only friend,

when you feel like a person who left behind,

and you just can’t be within that crowded,

just wanna stay here with your narrow minded



I’m a silence,

don’t get scare,

I’m your only friend,

just accept me and learn me,

you’ll never feel alone anymore



Photo Credit: Pixabay