I wrote this poetry just for him,

Hey, why don’t you give me enough time??

To stare at two brown eyes behind your glasses,

You leave me breathless,

You leave me curious,

I feel like incomplete

because you occupy most of space in my mind now,

and I couldn’t reach you for real


I called him Mr. Cold Man,

He is always in a rush,

He never smile even in a glance,

but he can be little funny too when you text him,

and I’m too shy to always be the one who start first,

Ah, you don’t understand at all,

you can’t read a girl at all

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I called him Mr. Cold Man,

he is not attractive at all,

he is more like a professor or a genius man,

he is the weirdest man ever!

He can’t sit down relax even for a second,

he sink in his busy life,

he dissolved in his brilliance,

and I’m the only one who know,

and feel like he is the thief in silence,

that steal my world,

to leave fantasy in my lonely reverie


I called him Mr. Cold Man,

he come and leave anytime,

he is seasonal,

a cold man that make your heart breath faster and faster,

even when you have no chance to get closer,

and he just gets colder and colder,

whatsoever he is still the one you want to get near,


Oh Gosh, I even forget one thing,

that I’m no longer single  for I have already this ring,

but still he is my Mr. Cold Man,

I would still adore him in my dream anytime,


Hey, Mr. Cold Man,

Have anyone said this about you??

that you are such as gorgeous cold man!

my secret gorgeous cold man!