When life puts you in tough situations don’t say “WHY ME?”, say “TRY ME!”

~ Anonymous


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“Can I?”

“Do you think it’s possible?”



Some people ask these similar questions repeatedly to themselves. Are you this kind of person too?


Well, obviously, everyone could be on the top and the bottom at different point of their life. When you are in your lowest point, saying “I can” seems to be the hard word to say. You just show your bitter smile weakly to your loved one, but doubt your strength at the same time. On the other planet, those who sit higher position will have a better mirror to see the situation. He speak softly with believe that everything will be fine, because he has just passed that steep road and finish climbing mountain to reach where he is.


Don’t you know? Those who sit in this ‘higher position’ is the same person sit on ‘lowest point’ before! Though, it happens in long gap after man in lowest point throw away his negative thought and decides to change his point of view. It happens after man on that ‘lowest point’ start to be afraid of doubting himself and start using everything he had to walk in winding road. He stop asking himself the reason, but use all of his energy to find the solution. He fell, he got up, and it happens many times. Anytime he fell and sick of it, he remembered the one he loved and he know he should be the hero with big responsibility. He found it hard to reach the next sidestep, but he just became stronger and stronger. He forgot his pain, he forgot what to complaint. All he knew, he must fight to feed his family. He ignored the voices that underestimate him since it wasted his time.


He is not directly become the man on the higher level. It is full of perspiration and really consumes time. It could be years to years full of sacrifice. All of his fight, immolation, pain and tears have deposited something inside of him. In the end, carrier and money is not the only measurement. His measurement is that he fixed himself mentally and it makes him a better person. He is an accomplished man who satisfied and grateful for life he has. He is no longer person who asks himself whether he can do it or not. He is a man who always believe himself can do anything and will do it no matter what the obstacle.