“I know people who feel like they’ve wasted years of their lives because of poor choices. They spent years in a relationship that was toxic, years with an addition, years at a job where they weren’t fulfilled. But you have to realize, nothing you have been through is ever wasted. Your past experiences, good and bad have deposited something on the inside of you. Those challenges have sharpened you, to make you who you are today”

( Unknown/ Quotes & Thought )


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 We live in imperfect world. People judge your failure than see your hard work. People proud of your final result without counting your sacrifice, pain and the lesson you have during your steep journey.

 and this is story of a friend……


“Nicko is his name. He is known as the smartest person during his school days. He thought to reach success was as easy as getting the best result in exam. But life after school is like the wildlife, it’s a real life. It’s not only about you study at night and able to answer the question on exam, because they were predictable question based on book you learned. Real life is different. It’s unpredictable and surprising.


 His first mistake was leaving his first job on the biggest property company on his city. It was one of the best opportunities he had actually. As fresh graduate, people confess him as promising person. He was success with some project and he loved it. Unfortunately, he was failed in last two big projects. This was big failure for him and gave him nightmare. He could accept it actually, but his best friend, Evans, told him that his failure shown the job was not for him. Evans asked him to quit from that job to join with him in Investment Company. He was doubt at first. But he was very loyal to his friend, so he said to consider it.


 His job was indeed full of pressure, but he liked it actually. His friend came again and again to tempt him that he could get ten times much better salary. Nicko start to doubt his skill on winning project and decide to quit from his job. One week after he quit from job, he tried to contact Evans. What a surprise! His friend said different words, there was no job on the company that time. He was disappointed because his friend pursue him couple of time and he trust Evans so much.


During crisis financial, Nicko only got job after three months he quitted. That was very different job. It was his first regret after he realized his first job was very wonderful job, it was stressful sometimes, but very challenging. He never heard anymore from his friend. He forgave Evans actually, but may be his friend just too shy for the mistake. Nicko worked on the second company for around four years. It was not a bad job actually. It was a big company too, but he had low position and the salary was very less than minimum wage. His salary was only enough to fulfill his life for a month. He could only do saving when he eat less and didn’t spend time to other stuff. Thus, his girlfriend dumped him for the financial reason. He could accept it and still act cool –he knew he’s gorgeous!.


He also hide it from his best friend that his job only has low salary. The only thing that his friends and families know, he worked in big company -of course they thought he got much! Nicko is typical guy with dignity. He wanted people know that he was fine, no matter what the situation behind.

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 Family also expect him had a lot of money. So anytime, they tried to owe money from Nicko because they live under poverty. In fact, he never had enough money for himself, so he rejected it with any reason –and his family never asked or gives understanding either. It made him look bad in front of his family. They mark him as stingy guy and often said profanity words to him. They even asked Nicko to leave home. It broke his heart, but he didn’t tell the truth still. He let himself become the example of bad person in family than open his weakness.


 That was the life he lived for years to years. He pretend so well, so nobody knows how much burdened he had by hiding the truth. He still acted like an accomplished man. After five years he worked on the company, the manager just raised his position. His salary was twice from he got. But he was still the man hated by family. He was also the man who still saved his regret for his poor past choices. He was still sad sometimes, but his sadness was only for a while. He won’t spend time to hang out with friend or tried to attract girl for little money he had. He only know he can saving a little now. He will spend all his salary without residual as usual. Not for have fun, he will try to spend it for business! It’s not big idea obviously, but this will be a good start he knows. After this, he knows how to manage his life. He has failed and fooled, but life goes on. After bad, the new day has come. It’s time for optimism and builds a life.”



Photo Credit: SplitShire from Pixabay