“One Day someone will walk into your life and make you see why it never worked out with anyone else”

( Unknown )


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There is bitter point in every broken-hearted. When you put your focus on that hurt feeling, it could hurt you even more. We know it’s never easy to let the attached feeling go. By the time, you will find that love is also faded and the moment when your door knocked by the right person, it will blow you away. Suddenly, that past, that bitter feeling has gone. Suddenly your old love which so strong grew in your heart before become joke that make you laugh on yourself. It will make you laugh until your stomach gets hurt to remember how you look so fool by being lamented badly enough. And thing for sure, that time will happen sooner or later.


Can you imagine how does it feel? It will make you feel you’re wonderful person so that you deserve someone better. Somebody could came and leave your life to give you a lesson and tell you to learn. It’s a rainbow of your life. And when the right person come, make you laugh for stupid joke he made, somebody from the past will only be the shadow. You can still taste the strange feeling he left, but it’s just another situation. He is not the reason anymore.