Triangle love has never been this crazy….


 Christy knows her love only belong to Shane when she decided to accept marriage proposal from William. She has no clue but to accept it. This guy gives her soul to her and will do anything for her. He always there any time she upset and she was in trouble. It was after the second time Willy asked her to marry him. If the same man proposes you and you reject him for thrice, it will be a bad luck for your love life, as her mother strongly advised to her.


When she looked back to her past, she could never forgive someone who cheat on her and hurt her badly. Shane loves her so much and she loves him more than ever, but she believes cheater will do the same mistake again. For her, it’s better to leave all those hurt feeling and move on with her second love, than to be ready to get hurt again and again with the one you love. Willy knows Christy couldn’t love him entirely. He knows Shane occupy most space in her heart, but he doesn’t care. He has all confidence that in the end, he is the winner. He believes nobody loves her so much like the way he has.

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People said love could fade. After four years, Christy still could feel the strong feeling each time she remember Shane. He was the first person who knocks on her heart and made her feeling awesome. She strives to love Willy because this man is almost perfect husband and treats her like a queen, but it doesn’t work to change what was in her heart already. Each time she feels lonely, she see the shadow of Shane. It seems Shane watch over her and longing her to back in his arm.


They know exactly they miss each other.Though, that is only secret. Christy is surrounded by a lot of good friend. She never acts like she regrets her past decision to dump Shane and get along with Willy. She never acts like she misses that man who cheated on her in the past. For her, let bygones be bygones. She is grateful for the best husband in life who always smiles to her every second and understand her like a best friend. In her deepest heart, she kept the feeling for someone else till the end. Each time she dissolved in reverie, a little angel often jaw her. She is Vita, her six years old daughter who looks like a little Princess from Disney Kingdom. She is grateful every day for perfect little family in her life.


love, story, romance, princess, triangle love

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Where is Shane? During first two years of Christy’s marriage, this man often comes to approach Christy. But Christy ignored him. For her, loyalty is everything. This man knows his small mistake make a disaster in his life. He thought it was small game that he regrets the most. Though Christy was madly in love with him, and only had 30% feeling to Willy, she never looks back. She left her feeling behind and let her day filled by emptiness and strange feeling for decision she made and principle she hold. She believes, God wants her to be with Willy. She believes Willy is man of her life, though she could never forget Shane no matter what mistake he made. She is woman with principle.


Shane never has serious girlfriend anymore after her official relationship with Christy has over few years ago. He was closed with some beautiful girls, but every relationship he tried to build always ended in disappointed when the girls know his love only for Christy.


Shane and Christy are such as two broken pieces. They were one, but would never get together anymore. They miss each other every second of their breath. But they have chosen their own way to not communicate each other. If there is button to bring him back to the past, Shane would like to go, so he didn’t make stupid mistake which ruin her love life. He will be the happiest man who lives with the woman he loves the most. But it’s too late. He pays for his mistake entire life.