“Before you start pointing fingers to others, make sure your hands are clean”

( Mboy Quinto via Facebook )

flower, sharing, good deed

(c) Pixabay


Don’t let your mouth speak too much on judging somebody. Don’t let it full with smelly trash which makes people leave. It’s easier to see other mistake and scream than counting ourselves for feeling guilty. We live surrounded by fake people around. Be a good one, don’t be one of those bad apples. And though we are never good enough for other, just be good for yourself and the creator. It’s not your job to pleased everyone. We would never be that perfect, but to be pure and kind is noble. There is always chance to see from other point of view and get better perspective. There is time to blame and to be blame, but take times to learn: spend more to find a way out than to find who was wrong. Spend more time to solve, do not spend more to harm. Use more magic word, not too much profanity. It doesn’t require much effort actually.


Relationship with human is very matter. You can start it very easily by being good person for yourself and cherish people around you. Help ever, hurt never. Spread your light to every angle and let them feel your warmth.