“No I am not single.

I am in a long distance relationship because my boyfriend lives in the future.”

( someecard )

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Are you single and feel bad for it? Well, you’re in problem!

SINGLE means happy and free. Stay in relationship itself could be nice when you are in it and able to enjoy it. But when it’s not your time to meet your partner, why does it leave you feel incomplete?


There are a lot of things Single can do…


– Have fun with Friend

Friend is for forever. Unfortunately, relationship could be obstacle in friendship when boyfriend don’t give you too much freedom ( there are many cases where boyfriend jealous to your close friendship ). Your young days won’t happen for twice. If you are single, it’s perfect to spend more time with your besties. Do hang out, have fun and all crazy little things you can do together.


– Family Time

How much quality time do you have for family? If this not much, then it’s reminder. Family is one of most matter in life. Let’s every second counted with them.


– Pamper Your Self

Shop till drop and spend rest of your day to pamper your body at Body Spa and Beauty Center Let your muscle feel relax and your soul contented with rhythm of classic music.


– Tease The Boy Next Door

The boy next door may not really pay attention to your change after grow up. He may be your childhood friend or even your first crush. Don’t get it too serious. When he pass in front of your house, stare at him deeply and give him lemonade, tease him with your naughty eyes for fun.


– Hobby, Work, Study

Life is full of adventures. Do things make you happy and you won’t have any regret in life. Case your dream, enjoy your interest and let them be your priority when nobody give you any restriction.


Once again, single means happy and free. Single doesn’t mean no man excited with you, they don’t excite you. It’s not that you are ugly or not deserve a partner, it just your train is still on the way. It’s not that you’re too emotional or too serious, but you know what should go first. No need to think about this much, it’s better enjoy your ice cream.