Everything You Want is On The Other Side of Fear

~ Jack Canfield


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Everyone could think of the future. Sometimes it makes people get scare how their future would be. Insecure, solicitude that we couldn’t reach our dream and goal, that we couldn’t protect the one we love from the cruel of the world. That kind of feeling is horrible and destructive. Fear and insecure is thing we have to deal everyday. No pain, No Gain, as the saying goes. It’s true that we can’t avoid the pain. Pain taught us to find a formula to cure it. Pain taught us to be wiser and smarter. It also drills our soul to be braver and stronger from the storm and prolapsed. We have only once life, remember this one. We should not stop for the pain and insecure feeling. Life is full of challenge to make us alive and learn. We are scare sometimes as we are human. Just enjoy that ‘scare’ feeling and move forward to find out.. there are a lot of beautiful things around you. You are the witness, don’t you? Let your soul free…!


 Photo Credit: flickr- Common Public Photos