“Everything You Want is On The Other Side of Fear”

~ Jack Canfield


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John has just lost his very first restaurant. He has it just less than one year. Last year he promised his business will be success and he will dedicate it for his wife. Unfortunately, things don’t go as easy as he imagined. Even worse, his wife leaving him because she wants someone richer. Yes, she had hidden affair with her bestie.


At the moment, this situation put him on the lowest bottom of his life. It’s way so hard to believe everything has just gone in a blink of an eye. Lucky he still has Lucy, his 8 years daughter couldn’t stop support him. This little girl is the real angel of his life. From her, he collects the courage to start it over again.


So finally he open small restaurant in front of his house. He doesn’t have enough money anymore to rent a larger spot. It means, the fight will be much harder than what he had tried before. But it’s okay because he have to do it himself now. He doesn’t even have money to pay employee.


Lucy, the smiling angel, fond of to help her father. What 8 years could do? Not much, but her smiling and friendly gesture is a special attraction. She helps to serve food carefully after school. She is kind of workaholic girl, just like her father. People who come to restaurant will do come agan because they like Lucy. She is amazing girl for sure!


By months, because his small restaurant doing very well, finally John able to rent larger spot. It’s like a turning point because everything get smoother than ever. He completely becomes wiser man and more mature entrepreneur and also cute daddy, at the same time he fully moves on from his wife.


He now only focus to raise his girl to become wonderful woman ( He knows his daughter is wonderful already ) and grow his business. In the following two years, he is going to buy new spot to own larger restaurant and completely create a new hits for his life. It feels so much better to reach new success after consecutive failures.