“No matter what you are going through, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it may seem hard to get to but you can through it just keep working towards it and you will find the positive side of things.”

~ Demi Lovato, Musician

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Romey has set new record in sprint run competition among school. It’s almost unbelievable because the last record has printed about decade ago. His coach too can’t stop wondering because it’s really great achievement. This little boy makes his parent and everyone proud of him.


The new achievement doesn’t pull him too high honestly. He is not kind of arrogant person. Moreover, the last incident has given him unforgetable lesson. Eight months ago, he was in debat with one of his mate to show who was the best. Of course the boys know Romey is unbeatable at school, but still he insisted to embarass his friend as his friend had bullied him earlier.


They were ready to start small run on the near road after school. Things doesnt go smoothly when a car accidentally hit him. He fell and his leg got bad injuries. As the result, he must bed rest for weeks. His legs must get special treatment because the injury was very bad.


Romey got bad day during treatment especially because some friend mock at him and bet he couldn’t join the competition. The doctor said Romey may recover after five months, but it doesn’t sound good either. If it takes five months to recover, he almost had no time to workout for competition.


He broke the rule and didn’t listen to his parent and doctor. Every morning he doing stretching and retread his leg. He did it carefully and slowly because he knew how to deal with it and he belived he will recover soon.


Miracle does happen. Within one month, he had made good progress. He can walk normally and enjoy slow jogging like the accident ain’t that bad. After three months, Romey can enjoy his practice more and join to camp with his coach. His coach didn’t believe what he saw and just ask Romey to take a rest. But he persisted to join, so his coach try to test him. The result was pretty good so he got ticket to follow the regular practice.


Romey didn’t want to miss the chance. He did his best in practice and made his coach believed he will win the competition. The following months, when the competition start and Romey was in his spot, the coach felt like his boy will make the best performance. Yes, he lead during the competition. Almost there’s no flick in the front row because Romey streaking as fast as flash. He win the competition!


During the awarding session, the committe announced that new record has been created by Romey. He created new number on fastest speed in this competition. This boy is brilliant!