“Destiny belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams and have the courage to pursue it. Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done”

~ Sri Sri

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Her mother keep repeating her nagging to Lucy.

“Honey… how many times I have to tell you. Do not procrastinate things! Look how mess you are now. It’s almost 8 am now”

She closes her ears with her hands as she can’t stand anymore. This morning Lucy has her first exam but last night she was busy chatting with her friend and make so much mess on her room. Her book was scattered everywhere and it gives her mom another headache.


She puts her book into school bags, skip her breakfast and hurrily drive her motorcycle. OMG, it was a very rush morning for her!


Mom always Right!

Lucy feel like weird to see one by one of her school mates finish their exam quickly. Now she is the only left at class. The teacher is watching her carefully and it gives her nervous. She has half of her paper blank. This is worst situation!


No, don’t think she is a bad girl. She is really good girl. She was in first ranking last year. It’s just this time she felt everything was a mess. She met a man and it makes all of her study schedule torn apart. But now she regret it because she feels stupid can’t do much on exam. Oh well, she adores that man, but for this ‘half-lazy’ girl school achievement is so important.


After she back from school, she hand over her smartphone to her mom. She asked mom to save her phone until the exam done so she can do her study on focus. Her mom smile at her and appreciate her responsibility.

“Well done sweety, you’re really my girl”.

Lucy can be so lazy sometimes because she is only teenage. But in her very young age, she is the one who knows the meaning of responsibility. She always put study at first. She realize yesterday was a mistake, but she will not repeat it anymore –at least for now.