“Life is not about trying to be a better person.

Life is about finding out the better person has been inside you all along”

~ Unknown

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Uncle Aamir was one of the best she ever had. Clara remember the day when her uncle put her in his lap, created joke for her, sang out loud and told her the fairy tale. That day seems so away after his death. Exactly all the memories was carried in her heart even after five years ago. For her, uncle was her first hero after losing her father when she was toddler.


When she was teenager, some friends often bullied her for she comes from poor family. Her mother couldn’t communicate well with her for having mental disorder. It gives her more pressure that made her feel like the most unlucky person ever in the world.


Watching Clara grew as teenager with small heart, Uncle Aamir decided to spend more time with her. This man took over the father role for his niece and brought back smile in her face. Each time Clara upset, she always run to her uncle lap. Her uncle will tap her shoulder and made her feeling better. Then Uncle will tell any kind of story, from fairy tale to daily life story to open her eyes that everything will be just better when she takes a deep breath and close her eyes for a while. Her uncle was really wonderful person to lift you higher and sow you how to have better perspective.


Uncle Aamir always reminded Clara that her life may not easy if she keeps trying to be a better person on people demand.


“You can’t do it dear. Naturally we were born not to please everyone. Be content with yourself, you’ll find the joy inside of you. You will be happier person each time you see yourself with better glasses. It’s as simple as that”


Her uncle’s advised really affects her. She grows listening to his perspective in life and it always makes her feeling comfortable yet protected. She remember the last sentence of her uncle before he passed away and it was the best message she ever heard,


“I have been your hero for very long time. Now, it’s your time. You’ll become the hero of yourself. You will advised yourself and cheer yourself when you feel bad. You don’t need me anymore, honey. You have completely grown wonderfully. Promise me you’ll never forget this. You have to promise”


Clara just nodd her head in tears. This man was so much meant to her. She hold her uncle’s hands when this great man breathe for the last time.