I’m just like you…
love this quiet and being alone,
when I breathe into deep..
I feel nothing but you,
I feel like wanting you to be here once again by my side,
I feel like want to scream from the top peak of the world,
and fly into you
I thought it’s a dream,
that we live in our wonderland,
there’s no tomorrow, it’s about today,
there’s nobody else, it’s only you, me and joy,
we were here for now, tomorrow and eternity..

love, couple, romance, poetry, poem, kiss, love poetry, eternity, water, pool, couple in pool

(c) Courtesy of Flickr/ Gianny Cumbo

but you trap me here,
my body is alive, my soul fly with you somewhere else,
you wrap me in your immortality,
you haunt me anytime I feel this emptiness,
my heart is dejected,
they said you were gone years ago,
but anytime I turned away,
I feel you watch over me,
you stare at me hiding between the shadow,
I’m just like you..
love this quiet and being alone,
wish God sends me somebody of your clone
for I’m still mournful for you,
I just couldn’t hide
for I’m supposed to be your bride,
but in my dream,
and in our eternity